Muma brings life to the senses that transport us in a tangible expression of the seasons.

A brand that translates a connected experience into the world of fashion & beauty, Muma was conceived through the nostalgic lens of memory.
Inspired by the generations of women before us, its emergence prompts a new generation in fashion, a reconnection to the seasons and inspired by the iridescent celebration and irreverence of nature. Muma is a sleek, non-conformist, and a radically transgressive expression of individuality.
Trend is usurped by styling and the ornamentation of self is cultivated by the wearer.
In another colourful rotation for Muma World, it’s second Season, ‘PRISM’ enters the world in a blazing and energised live wire of white light, fracturing into spectral frequencies that disperse across Australia’s coastal fringe environments.
Here we find our inspiration for Season 02, exploring a picture of Autumn along the edges of our unique coastline.

Transcend your edges for Muma World’s iconic Destination 02 Debut.

In an expansion of place, colourful refractions take us beyond our Eastern Genesis of Byron Bay and outward, to Australia’s edges, exploring Autumn along it’s coastal fringe environments.

Muma’s newest collection cracks open an arcadia of possibility. Worldly abstractions materialise Muma's seasonal destinations firmly in our reality as a refined and sophisticated unfurling of story, design, and fabrication. The kaleidoscopic vibrations of pearly coloured garments soak in spectrums of Australian flora & fauna, and reflect back in an exploration of the country’s coastal fringe environments. Chromatic intensities are carved into space and time as a new day in fashion: swirling spectrums clash in a vortex of heat and light, and the cosmic dust settles to form sharp, prismatic visions of place, realised in print, and pattern. Signature colourways and core pieces bind with seasonal styles to magnetise as a cutting-edge collection, crystallising Muma World’s trailblazing introductions as reverberations beyond a flash - the truth of an evolving, energised, and enduring brand.

Blazing edges crackle at the speed of light, and refract in a prism, different from every angle.
Wearers are invited to look in, creating personal visions and perceptions.

Time is evanescent, change is imminent, and expression is pivotal. Muma. Transcend your edges, encounter your paradise.

A live wire of white light
Careening in a beam 
Of blazing edges 
Colliding into crystal
Refracted. Reflected.

Unravelling in a field of colour
Visions bend to peel back the dark –
Apparitions of our physical world
Shine through the fragments

The melody of water over rock
A flutter, a swoop.
A tremble, a splash.
The chatter of frogs, slick and sneaky blinking in the morning dew
Ripe berries tumbling to earth
Speckling the damp soil with blue orbs

Swirling spectrums
In kaleidoscopic vibrations
Invite our hands closer
But they are free –
defying capture
Light in flight, folding into a vortex of time

A portal to a dream world
Arcs of freewheeling

Star edges and fire,
Crackling into the dark void
The expanse stained in spectral colourA frequency illuminated
Spilling rainbows 
In gestures of chromatic intensity

A prism – different from every angle
Magnified complementary hues
Ravish the lightness and shade
Embodied imagination
Through lucid corners
Bending around invisible edges
Everywhere, the truth of colour 

Here we are, in the place that is new
And unfamiliar
Remembering our origins
Nebulous recollections of
chromatic cosmic dust and 
Chance encounters

Absorbed into the space of the world
Bright, spiralling, all-encompassing
Paradise lives on in us forever.
Encounter your paradise.


You turned yourself toward the world.