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Production: The Artist Group
Creative Director: Bruna Volpi
Photography: Jake Terrey
Video: Claudia Rose
HMUA: Daren Borthwick / Stoj
Talent: Dija / Duke / Kristina

A place with oceans of diamonds flashing in the light.

Often we squint against the blaze of it, picking out saturated silhouettes against the blue.

We belong here.

This is our extreme, beautiful home.

These are the visions of our roots –memories – a place to return to,over and over.

The seasons are our guides,our compass,our edge.

This is winter, summer, spring, fall.

We remember wanting to capture the sun,keep the yellow light that we see turning the green valleys gold.

A phantasm of plumage.

A world in bloom.

A sky transcended through electric sound and feather, colliding in a symphony overhead.

Oscillations of colour.

Movement in the underbrush.

An immense world of abundance.

The rivers, forests, and mountains join together as a cosmology full of sensory pleasure.

Take us back, move us forward.

Everything grows towards the light.Upwards, always upwards.

Reaching, revealing, spinning, unfurling.

The glow of the moon melts into the horizon at the end of another night.

Change is perpetual.

Change is eternal.

Change – like light and color – is carried through the air.